AT8330A Multi channel programmable battery simulator
Supports uA level current measurement with up to 24 channels isolated from each other
    The AT8330 series combines precision, flexibility, and high integration. As a low-power, multi-channel, ultra high precision programmable single cell battery voltage simulator, it has up to 24 independent and isolated channels, each of which can be precisely controlled and monitored, making it easy to test multiple battery units simultaneously in applications such as battery packs or series battery systems. Its channel isolation characteristics not only ensure the safety of testing, but also improve the applicability and flexibility of the equipment.

    The current measurement capability of the AT8330 series has reached μ A-level provides strong support for battery testing of low-power devices. In terms of control, the AT8330 series provides flexible local and remote operation options, allowing users to control devices and exchange data through local area networks (LAN), RS232 or RS485 interfaces. With the help of advanced communication interfaces, users can easily edit test parameters and execute efficient automated testing processes through computer software.

    At the same time, the remote control capability of the upper computer allows users to monitor and adjust the testing process through the network at different locations, greatly improving work efficiency and testing convenience.

    The AT8330 series battery simulator is an ideal testing tool for engineers and developers, providing unparalleled performance and convenience in both laboratory development environments and quality control processes on production lines.
Output voltage range6V/CH
Current range1A/CH
Maximum output power6W/CH
Number of channels24
Voltage setting resolution0.1mV
Voltage readback resolution0.01mV
Current setting resolution0.1mA
Current readback resolution0.01mA
Voltage setting/readback accuracy0.6mV setting/readback accuracy (23 ± 5 ℃)
Current setting/readback accuracy0.2mA setting/readback accuracy (23 ± 5 ℃)
Ripple<2mV rms
ripple current<2mA rms
Load adjustment rate - output voltage<0.01%F.S
Load adjustment rate - output current<0.01%F.S
Power adjustment rate - output voltage<0.01%F.S
Power adjustment rate - output current<0.01%F.S
temperature coefficient<20 ppm/℃
Voltage rise time (no-load)≤3ms(10% to 90% change time)
Voltage rise time (full load)≤3ms(10% to 90% change time)
Voltage drop time (no-load)≤3s(10% to 90% change time)
Voltage drop time (full load)≤30ms(10% to 90% change time)
dynamic response time<50us
Voltage withstand (output to ground/output to output)1000VDC/1000VDC
interfaceRS232 interface RS485 interface LAN interface
Power requirements200V-240VAC
DimensionStandard 2U chassis/15KG
annexTest line/power line/RS232 communication line
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