Calibration Service

Your instrument restored to like new performance, returned on time.

Why Calibrate?

Electronic components drift as they age and are exposed to stress. Without periodic calibration, the measurements made by these components are compromised. Calibration aligns these components to a standard of known accuracy, thereby ensuring that your instrument is making accurate, repeatable readings. The result: consistent quality of your processes and consistent satisfaction of your customers.

Why choose Applent for your calibration service needs?

When you choose calibration services from Applent, you get complete confidence that your critical measurements are accurate, because we designed and built the equipment, including the calibration procedures required to verify its performance.

Applent's commitment

"Like New" performance and accurate.

What is the recommended calibration interval?

In order to continuously perform correct measurements, utilized measuring and test equipment must be monitored and calibrated on a regular basis. The corresponding time period is known as the calibration interval. Users of measuring and test equipment frequently ask how often calibration of this equipment is required. There is no single correct answer to this question, because calibration always represents an instantaneous snapshot of actual conditions which is dependent upon a variety of factors including the following: ● Measured quantity and allowable tolerance range ● Level of stress to which the equipment is subjected ● Stability of past calibrations ● Required measuring accuracy ● Quality assurance requirements In the final analysis, this means that the period of time between any two calibrations must be determined and monitored by the user himself. We recommend a calibration interval of 1 to 3 years. In order to assist our customers in making this often costly decision, we offer free consultation services provided by our own employees. As a rule, we specify a period of 1 year in our factory calibration certificates. Deviations from this rule should be noted by the customer in the purchase order, as well as in the delivery note.

Contact us

For more information or to return a unit for Calibrate service, please contact Applent Headquarter. To speed the process, please have the following information ready when calling. ● Model number ● Serial number ● Company name, contact name and phone number ● Purchase order number for billing ● Please mark "re-calibrate"

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